Thursday, July 6, 2017


Most Christians believe that kids are fresh from heaven – I am not asking you to be a believer – and some Christian parents are reluctant to take their children for pediatric occupational therapy. I remember the slogan my parents used to chant during my pre-teen years when I fell sick: ‘Doctors can treat you, but only God can heal you…’ the author is still unknown to me. However, my transition into adulthood led me to discover that kids aren’t perfect, and therefore, we need occupational therapy because it helps us to adequately progress. 
Children are born with perfect imperfections, and hence need a skilled practitioner to evaluate their diverse skills and contrast them with what is developmentally appropriate for that peer group. Pediatricians simply recommend occupational therapy in order to help kids cultivate the skills they need to grow into independent adults, plus challenge them to build self-esteem and sense of accomplishment. 
Since kids are small adults, pediatric dentistry encourages the use of specially designed equipment in offices that are organized and decorated with children in mind. Ped med has a culture that is committed to excellence and professionalism. Therefore, pediatric dentists have an outstanding degree of competence and experience to offer solutions for your child’s dental issues throughout the various stages of childhood.

How can parents differentiate the services offered in pediatric medicine? Well, let’s go through the table below to find out:

1.    The pediatrician is family-centered. Their main aim is to get the families involved, hear their story, and work as a team to come up with solutions for their daily struggles.
The pediatrician is career-centered. They only care about protecting the reputation of pediatrics.
2.    The pediatrician has a real desire to work with children. They do more than what they get paid for because their main focus is to help kids with various needs improve or adequately progress.
The pediatrician's desire is to make money. They lack initiative and are unwilling to go the extra mile when it comes to serving children with various needs.
3.    The pediatrician depicts effectiveness. This is especially evident when your child becomes patient and cooperative during a pediatric occupational therapy evaluation.
Your kid becomes uncomfortable during an occupational therapy examination because the pediatrician lacks experience in dealing with children. 

Parents often times face the dilemma of choosing pediatric medicine or a regular family doctor when it comes to deciding who to entrust with the health care of their children. Both types of practitioners offer various benefits, however, you need to choose the right doctor for your child in order to get the best results. The following comparison will guide you to choose wisely:

1.    A lot of pediatric centers are designed and administered with kids in mind. Competent pediatricians are always hospitable to children; they provide comic books, toys, entertainment and rewards for children whose parents are seeking ped med. Your child will instantly develop a sense of belonging because the pediatrician’s work routine and equipment are tailored to address the discomfort, fear and indifference some kids have when visiting a doctor.
Unlike many pediatric centers which are clearly too enticing to ignore, a family practice office will often turnoff reluctant children. Doctors arrange and decorate health care centers with humanity in mind because their primary focus is to provide medical solutions not only to young patients, but also to adults alike. 
2.    If child health care is king, then pediatrics is the queen. Since pediatric doctors have in-depth knowledge of children development, they can spot in a flash the signs and symptoms of developmental disorders that specifically impinge little kids.    
Family practitioners spend very little time practicing ped med. Therefore, their expertise is not accustomed to quickly notice the signs and symptoms of developmental disorders that specifically disturb children.
3.    Many families struggle with children behaviors and development issues. Pediatricians understand that both infancy and childhood is a scary time for most parents, therefore, family-centered pediatric doctors have gone the extra mile by providing emergency cellphone numbers for after-hours services. This guarantees that parents will find the right answers from experienced pediatricians whenever an emergency knocks on their child-rearing door.
Doctors serve various patients who have diverse needs; dealing with a specific age group isn’t their style.  Good family doctors would never hesitate to write a referral for pediatric medicine whenever a pressing issue, that specifically needs to be addressed by a competent pediatrician, arises.    

Have you ever seen dentistry coexisting with fun? A brilliant pediatric dentist from the state of Kansas – who works in Wichita to be precise – developed a culture that is dedicated to mixing dentistry with fun. Even the best practitioners in pediatric occupational therapy endorse him; the baby-dentist is accustomed to coming up with solutions when it seems there are none. Kindly click the link below to access his video:

Most of us love our children and we want them to be very healthy. Continual wellness in kids is possible, but it’s a very long road. Pediatricians are willing to walk with, guide and help parents to resist the temptation to take short cuts. Are you willing to begin the journey? Bon voyage! 


Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Ricinus communi. These are the words that often turned off my longtime friend, John, who decided to be a full time athlete.  His father was disappointed in him; he expected John to take over the family’s clinical nutrition consultancy business. But it turns out that my buddy had a personality that repelled clinical nutrition. Words can inspire. Therefore, let’s agree to disagree agreeably that inspiration is good for everyone. Words that inspire nutritionists won’t necessarily inspire athletes.  Humans are different, and I respect the fact that John’s dad was inspired by the words ‘Ricinus communi.’ They simply mean ‘castor oil plant.’ I learnt that from my nutrition dad (that’s the name I gave John’s dad). He was a castor oil enthusiast and often showed me how to use castor oil.  Without further ado, let me share what I learnt from my nutrition dad.

Better late than never – I know it’s a cliché – but happy are the readers who won’t delay the beginning of castor oil usage. So consider this castor oil usage challenge:

1. Prepare a homemade supplement for stomach cleansing.

  • Drinking water (500ml).
  • Castor oil.

i. Heat the drinking water.
ii. Pour one tablespoon of castor oil in a clean cup.
iii. Fill the cup with hot drinking water and stir thoroughly (ensure that the castor oil doesn’t stick to the base of the cup).
iv. To get the best results, drink it on an empty stomach.

If your body metabolism could talk, it would have constantly asked for this castor oil home remedy. It replaces harmful bacteria from the gut and stomach with health friendly bacteria that reduce acidity and bloating. I recommend you develop a devotion to this stomach cleansing supplement. Just begin by taking it twice per week in order to ease digestion. 

2. Make a homemade remedy for dry and damaged hair.

  • Castor oil.
  • Hair conditioner.

i. Pour the amount of hair conditioner you want to use in a separate container (use a bottle for best results).
ii. Add one teaspoon of castor oil and shake thoroughly.
iii. Apply and massage into the hair after washing your hair with shampoo.

Castor oil is endowed with humectant properties that help to lock in the moisture in your hair, thus preventing the hair from turning dry. This remedy will inevitably make your hair soft and smooth.

My nutrition dad (I also consider him as my mentor) used to say, “Learn, practice and teach.”  I have given you two examples of how to use castor oil. Don’t think about it. Act. And to those who think that the information I have published in this article is insufficient, I have three words for you: Less is more. Humans learn a lot by doing than they do by reading. Therefore, practicing the examples I have published might lead you to discover more uses. It’s better to try using castor oil than to live with the knowledge you never tried.